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Acethrone PC Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Desk Chair with Lift Headrest and Armrests, Flexible Adjustable Height and Reclining Device (Yellow)

Product Features:

    ☎ What trouble you have got when focus on gaming?☹Numbness from stiff seat?☹Sweaty butt and back?☹Be defeated due to sink from the chair? ☎ What can you get with Acathrone gaming chair?♡ Rest Your ButtsWhat sets the Acethrone chair apart from the competition is its reinforced mesh seat that…
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Product Description

☎ What trouble you have got when focus on gaming?
☹Numbness from stiff seat?
☹Sweaty butt and back?
☹Be defeated due to sink from the chair?

☎ What can you get with Acathrone gaming chair?
♡ Rest Your Butts
What sets the Acethrone chair apart from the competition is its reinforced mesh seat that helps to relieve muscle fatigue, and no more heavy and stuffy sentience around in your butt. Immerse in the game rather than be busy to change the position of butt.
♡ Lumbar And Back Support
The main secret with gaming chairs is that the sides of the ergonomic backrest curve inwards to supports your muscles on the shoulders and hug your sides to keep you sitting in a centered and upright posture so you don’t start feeling tired from sitting in the same position for so long.
♡ Flexible Adjustable Mechanism
You can adjust the back of the chair keep straight and recumbent, 3.2″ lift the height of the headrest and chair, move the armrests up and down, forward and back, left and right, go all possible ways according to your need–Against, drag race or watch game replays.
♡ Fine Production
You will never live with this imperfection that the chair slowly started to shake, sink and deteriorate. It is no difficult to install as the screw holes will perfectly match up with the ones on the chair’s brackets.
♡ “Thoughtful and Assistant” principle of service
The Acethrone ultimate goal is to provide high quality in the true sense of the word and the service with hassle-free. Contact us to get a 100% satisfactory solution if you have any questions.

☎ Feature:
♡ Load Capacity up to 300 lbs
♡ Seat Height: 18.11-21.26 inch
♡ Tilt Degrees: 90-125°
♡ Adjustable Headrest: 1.7-inch lift up and down
♡ Flexible Armrest: lift up and down, move forth and back
♡ Package:
1x gaming & racing chair
1x lumbar pillow
1x install instruction

Product Features

  • [Master of Ergonomics Chair – Ader Chen] The concept he carries out it in all design of the chairs what is “live for life”. The special honeycomb of the back with mesh covered helps improve blood and oxygen stimulation in the body to provide more comfortable sensation even when you’re sitting on it for hours.
  • [Live for Gaming and Racing] Butterfly-shaped and solid sponge chair with Raised flank hold you tightly while dragging racing as the fast and furious, no afraid of fall out the car. And the armrests allow up and down, front and back to suit your posture.
  • [Superior Craftsmanship] What trouble are you in? Sink? Slope? Stiff? Or other? Every Acethrone gaming chairs we’ve selected have high-class cylinder and seat plate that lets you sit back longer. Reinforced sponge cushion fit the shape of your butt and back in better even if you have hip.
  • [Multiple Device] The lever accepts 3.2″ adjustable height range to fit the masses more than 5.8 feet and recline the backrest to take a power nap in between your gaming sessions, or stare at your TV as easily as you can lean forward.
  • [Extra Effort] The pillow of PP cotton filled for lumbar support to provide more soft and easiness. The wheels use the soft elastic polyurethane covered to keep quiet and smooth rolling. Load capacity: 300-pound maximum weight.