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Nueve&Five Accent Dining Chairs Set of 2, Mid Century Upholstered Velvet Leisure Chairs with Tapered Steel Legs for Bedroom Reception Room Dining Room, Ash Gray

Product Features:

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Nueve &Five accent chair sets would be a perfect choice for decorating your home and providing an extremely comfortable experience for your seating. The modern contracted accent chair is absolutely stylish and tasteful with dark Grey velvet surface and burlywood printing legs that easily match your furniture style.The sturdy metal frame makes the chair to be durable and practical for daily use.Good performance in various places, such as living room, bedroom, dining room, office , reception room, wherever that need an accent chair.It really worth buying for your home. Don't hesitate to begin a new life. SPECIFICATION ✧Item:Accent Chairs ✧Size:32×19×19 in ✧Color:Dark Grey ✧Material:Velvet Fabric ✧Packaging:2 pieces each box ✧Weight:13 LB FEATURE ✧Easy Cleaning : Removing the stain of the accent chairs with a damp cloth ✧Smooth Fabric : No stimulation to the skin for soft velvet fabric ✧Extensive Use: the accent…
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Product Description

Nueve &Five accent chair sets would be a perfect choice for decorating your home and providing an extremely comfortable experience for your seating. 
The modern contracted accent chair is absolutely stylish and tasteful with dark Grey velvet surface and burlywood printing legs that easily match your furniture style.
The sturdy metal frame makes the chair to be durable and practical for daily use.
Good performance in various places, such as living room, bedroom, dining room, office , reception room, wherever that need an accent chair.It really worth buying for your home. 
Don’t hesitate to begin a new life.

Item:Accent Chairs
Size:32×19×19 in
Color:Dark Grey
Material:Velvet Fabric
Packaging:2 pieces each box
Weight:13 LB

Easy Cleaning : Removing the stain of the accent chairs with a damp cloth
Smooth Fabric : No stimulation to the skin for soft velvet fabric
Extensive Use: the accent chairs can be widely used in chatting or reading in the living room , resting for the pet,matching with dining table, decorating the office and etc.
Easy Matching Color:adopting Dark Grey,a neutral color,the accent chairs will not look old after a long time using,and will match other furniture in your home perfectly, harmoniously.
Durable Materials:The metal frameworks are firm, timeproof, and moistureproof , and can be used for a long time.

Product Features

  • ★『MODERN CONTRACTED FURNITURE STYLE』~ The accent chairs adopt the modern furniture designs, a simple low-key color of Dark Grey and plaid texture, which would match the most kind of furniture design.
  • ★『ULTIMATE COMFORTABLE SENSATION EXPERIENCE』~ Using modern humanized home design and ergonomics technology, the accent chairs are committed to providing an extremely comfortable experience in your home. The soft velvet surface, high-density foam filler and fully stressed curved backrest will give you a sense of enjoyment each time you sit down.
  • ★『SCIENTIFIC FORCE SUPPORT』~The metal tapered legs of the accent chairs are processed as burlywood, which brings an original and pure visual sense, as well as preferable dependability and durability than solid wood. The floor protectors of the accent chairs would be another highlight. The functions include skid resistance, noise reduction, floor protection, and adjusting the height of legs that make the accent chair keep balance on the uneven ground.
  • ★『QUICK AND EASY WAY TO ASSEMBLE』~ There are “A” and “B” marks at the top of the legs to judge Front legs and hind legs. It can easily align to keyholes at the bottom of the accent chairs and lock the screws. The detachable legs could effectively reduce the difficulty of transportation.
  • ★『WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS』~Living room, bedroom, dining room, office, even outsider… No matter where it is, the accent chairs will work great and bring you a new element.